Conference Venues

From small, personalised events to larger conferences, Venues For London provide a huge selection of different venues to choose from to suit the specific needs of your conference.  Our experienced team of venue finders will guide you through our extensive portfolio of individual and unusual venues where we can give expert advice on a conferebce venue to suit your event in London or further afield.

It is really important when looking for a conference venue that you make sure that it can fulfil all of your criteria. Today there are so many venues to choose from that is very easy to get totally bemused with the huge variety of venues. Should you play it safe and use a hotel or meeting venue that you have used before, so know what to expect from the venue, or should you be a bit more adventurous and try one of the many more unusual and unique venues that are now available.

A selection of some of our Conference Venues

riba RIBA - In keeping up with the current times, the rooms that are rented out by RIBA have undergone an extensive refurbishment and has been equipped with the latest facilities.
waterman-hall-1 Watermen’s Hall - Watermen’s Hall Designed by William Blackburn, Watermen’s Hall was built in the 1780’s and is the only original Georgian Hall in the City of London. Contact. In 1983, the Hall was extended to include a larger dining and meeting facility – The Freemen’s Room, which blends in perfectly well with the intimate atmosphere of the […]
bishopssgate Bishopsgate Institute – Flexible Venue In London - Hire flexible, large venue for meetings, functions, conferences and events in Bishopsgate London

Endless choice of venues

The choice is endless – there are completely dry hire venues where you can do your own set-up and make it totally yours, there are art galleries and studios which tend to work for more creative meetings and conferences and there are historic and fascinating venues, boats, museums and the like.

It can be difficult to know where to start, once you have made your mind up that you are going to try something different. This is where Venues for London can help. We have an extensive portfolio of unique and unusual venues in addition to the more typical venues and we understand which venue works best for which type of event. Contact us now and we will be very happy to help and advise.

Carrie Larwood Carrie & her team offer a free and impartial unique venue finding service.

Whatever your needs may be give the team a call on
020 7186 8687 let us find your perfect London venue.