The Drumsheds London


Warehouse 4 2992

Warehouse 5 7130

Warehouse 6 2336

Warehouse 9 and 9A 2556

Full site hire 25000

Venue Info

The Drumsheds North London Venue

The Drumsheds is a unique venue for hire in North London.

The venue combines four giant, interlinked, warehouses with capacities of up to 10,000 inside along with 10 acres of outdoor space. Located in Meridian Water, next to Tottenham Marshes and Tottenham Ikea, the site is easily accessible from across the city.

Historically the site operated as a gasworks between the 1930s and 1970s, after which most of the above-ground structures were demolished. The site underwent remediation in 2006 and has remained unused until now.

The unique site has embraced a new lease of life, as the former gasworks warehouses and outdoor space has been revived as a ground-breaking, multi-purpose event space.

The closest station to the venue is Meridian Water. The station is next door to the space, a 5-minute walk from the action with access to both Stratford and Liverpool Street.

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