Central Hall Westminster


The Great Hall 1000 - 2160

The Lecture Hall 160 - 400

The Library 160 - 400

Aldersgate 160 - 500

Donald English Room 50 - 150

George Thomas Room 50 - 150

Robert Perks Room 50 - 150

Presidents Room 12 - 18

William Sangster Room 50 - 150

Dinsdale Young Room 24 - 60

Syndicate Rooms 2 - 20

Wesley's Cafe 300 - 180

Maurice Barnett Room 24 - 60

Venue Info

Central Hall Westminster

The Great Hall is the jewel in the crown of Central Hall Westminster with a capacity of 2,400 people. This stunning setting offers a maximum stage width of 60ft, and a choir of some 220 voices can occupy the seating around the magnificent 4731 pipe organ.

The foyer areas that surround the Great Hall, can be used for catering breaks, whilst the platform room behind the stage can be used as a dressing room or speakers room and is included in the cost of hiring the Great Hall.

In addition to the Great Hall, Central Hall Westminster also has 22 other rooms available for conferences, exhibitions, product launches, AGMs and much more.

Central Hall Westminster is a sustainable events venue and holds Gold Venue Award from EcoSmart with Greengage Solutions.  As well as monitoring energy use and consumption, reducing water consumption, reducing waste, they use local suppliers when possible, recycled materials, biodegradable chemicals and they purchase fair-trade products.  They even bottle their own water on site!

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