Central Hall Westminster


The Great Hall 1000 - 2160

The Lecture Hall 450 - 500

The Library 450 - 500

Aldersgate 250 - 120

Donald English Room 150 - 150

George Thomas Room 150 - 150

Robert Perks Room 150 - 150

Presidents Room 20 - 12

William Sangster Room 150 - 150

Dinsdale Young Room 60 - 60

Epworth Room 50 - 50

Conservatory 80 - 150

Syndicate Rooms 15 - 20

Wesley's Cafe 300 - 180

Maurice Barnett Room 60 - 60

Platform Room 50 - 20

Venue Info

Central Hall Westminster

Lecture Hall - Venue For Meetings, Dinners, Events & Functions
Lecture Hall – Venue For Meetings, Dinners, Events & Functions

The Great Hall is the jewel in the crown of Central Hall Westminster seating up to 2,160 people. This intimate setting offers excellent opportunities for communication between speakers and the audience, for AGMs and conferences.

As a concert venue, the Great Hall is perfectly suited to events from classical to rock. The adaptable stage can provide a maximum width of 60ft, and a choir of some 220 voices can occupy the seating around the magnificent 4731 pipe organ.

The foyer areas that surround the Great Hall, can be used for catering breaks. The platform room behind the stage can be used as a dressing room or speakers room and is included in the cost of hiring the Great Hall.

The Great Hall At Westminster For Hire
The Great Hall At Westminster For Hire

In its time, the architecture of the Hall was at the forefront of engineering, and the ceiling consists of a reinforced concrete Dome, one of the largest in the world.

The Great Hall does have natural light, blackout, lighting and audio visual systems can be provided. The PA is included in the hire cost, if all the audio visual facilities are provided by CHW, but there are additional costs for technicians.

Spacious foyer & backstage areas are also included in the hire of the Great Hall.

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