The Museum of the Order of St John

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The Museum of the Order of St John, St John’s Gate, London EC1

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Visitors are amazed by the unimagined treasures concealed behind the enigmatic exterior of St John’s Gate.  Built in 1504 as the ceremonial entrance to the mediaeval Priory of St John, its long and chequered history is closely linked with Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, William Shakespeare, Samuel Johnson, William Hogarth and Charles Dickens.

All who enter are captivated by its extraordinary history, atmospheric rooms and stunning decorative details.  Any function, whether it be corporate or social, may be combined with a private tour of the historic buildings and the galleries.

From meetings, concerts and lectures to receptions, recitals and dinners, events at the Gate are special from the start.

Rooms, uses and capacities: The Grand Priory Church: Service, Concert or Lecture: 250 The Norman Crypt of the Priory Church: Service, Concert or Lecture: 80 The Priory Garden: Reception: 200 The Council Chamber: Lunch, Dinner or Meeting: 25 The Museum Galleries: Reception 100, Lunch, Dinner or Meeting: 30 The Chapter Hall: Reception 200; Lunch, Dinner or Meeting 100 The Prior’s Dining Room: Lunch, Dinner or Meeting: 10  Contact.