Sink Pong Shoreditch


Main Bar (Ground Floor) Boardroom - 40 people / Classroom - 50 people / Banquet - 100 people / Theatre - 100 people / Reception - 300 people

Function Room 1 (First Floor) Boardroom - 50 people / Classroom - 80 people / Banquet - 120 people / Theatre - 150 people / Reception - 300 people

Function Room 2 (Second Floor) Boardroom - 30 people / Classroom - 40 people / Banquet - 80 people / Theatre - 80 people / Reception - 150 people

Venue Info

Sink Pong Shoreditch Venue

Sink Pong Shoreditch – Located on the borders of the historical City of London and the trendy East End is the newest revolution in nighttime entertainment this side of the Atlantic. For many years it’s been a staple of college dorms across the USA, Beer Pong has crept its way across to our shores and found a new home.

SiNK is the place to experience it! The concept is simple… You SiNK it, they drink it! With 12 tables across 3 floors which double as both Beer & Ping Pong tables, there’s plenty of room for all!

Tucked away in the corner is the ultimate Ping Pong champion. So good, we’ve had to lock it in the cage! It’s no human though, it’s our Pong Robot. Challenge and beat the Robot to win yourself a prize.

Don’t forget about Prosecco Pong & Golf Pong, oh it doesn’t end there. It’s not all about games though, our menu is also has a range of delicious dishes and platters catering for all tastes.

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