Treadwell’s Bookshop Bloomsbury


Theatre Style 35

Seated - Board-Room Style 12

Seated - Circle 24

Class 16

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Treadwell’s Bookshop Bloomsbury


Treadwell’s bookshop Bloomsbury which is currently renting out its downstairs space for meetings, focus groups and several other events.

The bookshop is undoubtedly the most magical bookshop in London. It specialises in History, Mythology, Neopaganism, Wicca literature, Anthropology, Comparative Religionas and much much more. In addition to its rare collection of written texts, herbs and incenses, Treadwell’s also runs a successful series of events where clusters of academics, poets, artists, practitioners gather together and discuss philosophical matters until the early hours of the morning.

Treadwell’s reputation has grown throughout the past eight years and it has now become the most important meeting centre for the sophisticated underground London community where ‘unusual people can find other unusual people’ as Christina explained to Adam Boult during an interview for the Guardian.

When stepping inside this enchanted world, Christina, owner and initiator of Treadwell’s, will welcome you in, offer you a cup of tea and elicit you to sit on the comfy sofa where you can dive into new and exciting worlds from the forgotten beauties of Babylonia, the mysteries of greek and roman mythologies, to the modern secrets of the God and Goddess.

Treadwell’s is currently renting out its downstairs meeting room for daily use. We have hosted several events and workshops in the past both on a long term basis (once a week for a duration of three months or more) and as a one off. Previous events included meetings, focus groups, alternative healing sessions, Yoga and Reiki courses and much much more.

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