Stonecutters & Ropekeepers Studio


Ropekeepers and Stonecutters combined, standing 143

Ropekeepers and Stonecutters combined, theatre 100

Ropekeepers and Stonecutters combined, cabaret 96

Ropekeepers, theatre 50

Ropekeepers, cabaret 40

Stonecutters, theatre 50

Stonecutters, cabaret 50

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Studio Venue Hire

Stonecutters & Ropekeepers Studio

Studio Venue Hire – Stonecutters & Ropekeepers Studios are two unique yet separate studio venues for hire at Woolwich Works.

Stonecutters is a twenty meters long and 8.3m wide space and is the largest rehearsal venue on site. The space occupies the North-East corner of the building.

Ropekeepers Studio is a slightly wider studio than its adjoining space. At 14.8m by 8.8m, this dual-aspect venue is ideal for numerous events.

It is kept apart by a modern acoustic partition. The area above the partition is glazed up to the timber roof lining which reflects the finish of the resilient flooring below.

The high vaulted ceilings are supported by the buildings original timber roof trusses. The rest of the wall has exposed brickwork, punctuated by mirrors, oak ballet barres as well as original timber sash windows.

Both venues are available as two separate venues or they can be combined into one larger space for performances and private events.

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