The Company Hall


Sprigs 160 seated

Banquet 140 seated

Cabaret 84 seated

U-Shape 41 seated outside / 56 outside & inside

Theatre 160-180 seated

Boardroom 34 seated

Drinks Reception 250 standing

Venue Info

The Company Hall Venue


Founded in the fourteenth century as the Guild of Pepperers, The Company was responsible for maintaining standards for the purity of spices and for the setting of certain weights and measures.

An integral part of London life for centuries, The Company is committed to helping improve and enrich lives across the UK by providing vital support to educate establishments, churches, charities and other worthy causes.


The Company’s elegant central London premises, Grocers’ Hall, also serve as a unique conference and banqueting venue.

Home of The Grocers’ Company since 1426, Grocers’ Hall is a unique venue which brings together classic style and illustrious heritage with modern facilities, including the latest audio visual technology.

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