Farmacy – London Restaurant


Whole Venue 80 - 120

Alchemy Room 24 - 40

Venue Info

Unique London Restaurant

Unique London Restaurant – Farmacy, is a thriving, healthy, and one-of-a-kind restaurant in London.

Since its flagship restaurant was launched in 2016, it has grown from strength to strength. Their healthy menu serves up a variety of delicious and seasonal foods that are all plant based, free from dairy, refined sugars, additives, and more.

All their ingredients are grown either on their biodynamic farm or sources from trusted local, environmentally friendly suppliers. Farmacy is also true support of the local farming scene & champions biodynamic sustainability.

The Alchemy Room

The Alchemy Room is a private secluded dining area filled with natural light and greenery. Able to host up to 24 guests, this unique space transitions from a modern dining oasis during the day to a private candlelit den at night.

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