Top tips for event security

A security officer working at an event

When it comes to organising an event, there is always plenty to think about. What venue will be best for your needs? How many people are coming? Will they need transport? One important thing that you will also need to think about is event security. Whether you’re planning a small private party or something big like a music festival or a corporate trade show, keeping your guests safe is a key part of organising an event, but it can be tricky if you don’t know what to do. Take a look at below at some of our top tips for event security.

Think about your requirements

Before you get too carried away, its important to take a step back and think about the level of security that you will need – if at all. If you’re planning a small, private meeting at a corporate location, its possible that the venue may already have this covered by their own security staff. However, if you’re planning something bigger, you may have to consider a few things. How many people will be attending? Are there any special guests or speakers that may need extra security? Are there any parts of your venue that guests shouldn’t have access to, such as stages or private areas?

Make sure to talk with your team

Once you know what level of security you will need for your event, its important to talk to your team. Communication is a crucial part of making sure everyone knows what to do, and having a skilled security team can help things go smoothly. If the venue has their own security, make sure to contact them in advance so that everything can be planned for well before your event.

Don’t forget to screen your guests and staff

If you have a lot of people coming to your event, it can be hard to keep track of who is actually meant to be there without proper security measures in place. One way of managing this is to require tickets, or to hand out name badges when guests arrive and have been checked. This is a good way of deterring uninvited guests and the problems they might bring.

If people are bringing bags, you may also want the venue security to check these on arrival, just in case. This is pretty common at larger events at music events or festivals, where bringing things like food and drink from outside the grounds is not permitted.

Find the best venue for your event

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